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138 Hiscali

The Casa Uruguaya, a sustainable housing project by students and graduates of the University ORT, won the first prize in the Solar Decathlon LAC 2015, an international competition for sustainable building design in Latin America and the Caribbean. The competition, which for the first time brought together projects from Latin America and the Caribbean, aimed at designing sustainable homes based on innovation, the use of clean energy technologies, and social housing needs.

For almost a year, interdisciplinary teams from different universities in the region worked on the design and construction of their sustainable homes, adapting to the climate needs of the region and incorporating the concept of social housing. The prototypes were then transported to Cali, Colombia, to build the “Solar Village” and participate in the competition.

The Casa Uruguaya was developed by students and graduates from the Faculties of Architecture, Communication and Design, Engineering, Administration, and Social Sciences, with the guidance of teachers, engineers, and architects. Besides winning the first prize, the Uruguayan House also received several awards and mentions in the evaluated categories.

The project stands out for its use of local materials, such as eucalyptus and recycled glass, and its efficient water and energy management systems, including a solar-powered heating and cooling system, rainwater harvesting, and greywater recycling. The house’s design also incorporates a green roof and a courtyard that provides natural light and ventilation while creating a sense of community.

The Casa Uruguaya’s success in the Solar Decathlon LAC 2015 demonstrates the potential of sustainable and innovative building design in addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges. By promoting local solutions and interdisciplinary collaboration, the project showcases the importance of education and research in advancing sustainable development in the region.